I Feel Change

It has been a busy summer. Which is quite funny because it’s not more busy than the rest of my year. I think it’s because summer is supposed to feel like a break of some sort. However, I have none of that break. I never do. So, hence the busy summer. I haven’t written much this summer, which I don’t like. But, I plan to change that in the fall.

I do have so much to write about, it’s almost funny. My actress dreams. My CrossFit journey this year. My experience as a sponsored athlete with Athletic Alliance. Insights into what I’ve learned as a Parent Outreach Counsellor this year. My experiences as a Web Designer. My experiences as and the desire to be a coach. My plans to get my PhD. Etc. Etc. Etc. My mind is swimming  It’s just getting the time to write. I plan on making time.

One big change, that will be happening soon, is a restructuring of this site. I know it’s  fairly new and so is the design, but I was inspired by Mr. Brian Gardner. If you don’t know about him, read his blog. He runs some of the best companies when it comes to web design, web development, and web presence. He is best known for Genesis, and those who know my web design/web development persona, know that I build my sites with Genesis. So, Brian Gardner runs these successful, awe inspiring companies, but he still makes time for his customers and followers. What do I mean “make time”? He interacts with us on a personal level: answering most comments on his blog, helping personally with whatever troubleshooting issues come up with our projects, running contests to give away designs that have not yet been released. His latest giveaway was The “Wintersong” Theme Giveaway. Wintersong is the currently unreleased theme he uses on his own blog. And I won! So now, only 13 people have this theme, including him. And I love it! Sooooooo, long paragraph short, I will be changing how this site runs. And somehow it involves the Wintersong theme. Here are a couple screenshots on how it looked when I upload on this site, just for fun:


Beautiful, huh?

Well, this post was a bunch a gobble-de-goo. It probably didn’t make too much sense. But if you could just catch one thing about it, know that there is a change coming on! So, please stay tuned!


  1. Angela Wilson says:

    Looking forward to seeing and reading all the great things you have in your mind to put into words! I have been following your events thru FB but now I want to read about them :) Cheers and Happy Friday!

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