Do I Like My Athletic Alliance Supplements? Do I? Do I?

Why, yes I do. If you remember my post, you’ll know that I was asked to join the Athletic Alliance Beta Team. I have been asked to help promote Athletic Alliance’s products as a CrossFit competitor. Last week I was supplied with samples of three of their products:  Prodigy: Multi-Source Sport Protein (in both chocolate and vanilla), Rocket: Pre-Activity Supplement and Regen X: Mid/Post Activity Supplement. All in all, I was given eight samples.

Anybody who knows me knows that I don’t follow the crowd. If I don’t like something, I’ll let you know. If I like something, I’ll let you know. So, you can trust that this review is legit. Now, here we go.

Prodigy: Multi-Source Sport Protein (Chocolate)

ProdigyI tried the chocolate protein before the vanilla and I’m not sure why. Frankly, I’ve always preferred vanilla protein powders to the chocolate protein powders. So, when I first tried this product, it was not my favourite, which did not surprise me. The good thing about it, however, is that it did not have a chalky taste, like so many other brands do. And thennnnn I got smart.  I was supplied with two chocolate protein packets and the second time I tried something different. I put blueberries in it instead of a banana. Yep, that’s right. It’s what I put in the shake that caused my dislike. When I put blueberries in it, it was a whole new shake. I really liked it! So that’s the thing. For me: banana + chocolate = blah and blueberries + chocolate = yay! I recommend the chocolate shake. 

Prodigy: Multi-Source Sport Protein (Vanilla)

I really liked the vanilla shake. Again, I am picky with my shakes and how they taste, particularly if they taste like chalk. This vanilla was not chalky at all. A measure of a good shake, for me, is if it tastes good on its own. This one tasted really good on its own. It had a really good flavour and really didn’t taste like you were drinking a protein shake. If you know what I mean. I recommend the vanilla shake.

I felt both shakes were really great post workout. I did not feel bloated at all, which often happens with other proteins. 

: Pre-Activity Supplement

I have taken a few pre-activity supplements before and there is one in particular that makes me feel as though there are a few million scorpions crawling all over me. My whole entire body. Yes, I feel as though it was doing its job, but I’m just prickly everywhere! With Rocket, there were not pricklies. My preliminary thoughts of this product is that it is doing what it is supposed to do. And it has a great taste (one of my teammates thought so too :D). I’ll probably need to use it more to evaluate its full effect, but so far so good. I recommend Rocket.

Regen_newRegen X: Mid/Post Activity Supplement

Like Rocket, this product had a great taste. The first package I used mid-workout and the second package I used post-workout. I feel it did what it was supposed to, although also like Rocket, I’ll probably need to use it more to evaluate its full potential. But, I would say, I recommend Regen X.

And there we go folks. My preliminary experience with Athletic Alliance supplements has been a success! So far the taste of these products has lived up to the company’s claim of using the highest quality, all-natural ingredients because not one of these supplements tasted artificial. I would say to anyone in the market for some newsupplements, try the Athletic Alliance products and see how you like them.

And then tell me what you think!


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