You Will All Thank Me After You Watch The Actress Diaries

The Actress Diaries | Episode 2

**I was debating whether or not to release this post on Thursday because that’s when the newest episode comes out. But I thought it more kind to give you time to catch up before the newest episode comes out. On Thursday. Proceed. **

I look forward to Thursdays. Why? Because I have a new favourite show. Nope, it’s not on TV. It’s on the web. Yes! It’s a web series. Now, before you all  roll your eyes and groan, believe me, I only like things that are good. And I will be honest if something is not good. Annnnnd I know web series are often not good. But this one is AMAZING!

It’s called The Actress Diaries and it’s

A NEW comedy web series set in a downtown Vancouver restaurant, following the misadventures of two aspiring actresses.

Let me tell you, it’s one of the funniest things I have ever seen. In my life. I am very VERY picky when it comes to comedies. I have a billion and one shows I love, and less than a handful of them are comedies. Most I don’t find funny. But The Actress Diaries causes me to laugh out loud – yes a real LOL – and then watch the episode again and again and again. I can now recite many lines from memory, primarily from episodes two and four.

What makes this show extra special, is that it is local. Yay! Sure, writer, director, and star Miss Lisa Kimberley Hughes is Australian, but we have adopted her and I love to show her off. Even if I do not know her. Her writing is quick, whitty, often subtle and often random, which makes it the funniest. Her acting is right on point as well, making you wonder if she’s really like that in real life. Is she? Is she?? Her co-star and equally funny comedic partner is Miss Kate Bateman who executes the slightly less than smart aspiring actress to perfection. She lines are amazing and yes, random and I am constantly laughing… even at the second, third and fourth viewings… actually it’s more like nine viewings. Let’s be serious.

A sea otter??

And how accurately is the local acting scene/industry portrayed. Um… very.

But you shouldn’t just take my word. This show has been garnering publicity and fans. And rightly so. They have been featured in many publications, including the Vancouver Sun.

There are one liners galore on this show.

  • Don’t set bridges on fire. And there is a picture of a bridge. On fire.
  • They said lavender Kate.
  • He’s getting a piggyback from your mum.
  • Yeh? Well, 37 dirty dishes says the pahhhth leads to the kitchen!
  • We won the rugby World Cup.” “Noooooobody cares.
  • Chopsticks. On the piano, of course.
  • I’m sorry. It was an instant sing along.
  • I baked a cake again in my sleep last night.

Buuuuuut… I’ll let you watch it and decide. I’m going to leave you with episode one. But make sure to watch two, three and four. And this week episode five is coming out! Thursday! 4pm! YAY!

This show is up there with my favourite shows and I’m just counting down the minutes before we see Lisa Kimberley Hughes writing (and acting) for a show on one of the major TV networks. Think Mindy Kaling. It’s inspiring, because it shows the quality of projects that can be done in this town.

Comment and let me know your favourite one liners. And like I say to everybody when I introduce this show:

You’re welcome.

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  1. Yesss! These girls rule!! so funny. You rule too, Ruthie :) xox

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