Thursday, January 8th Workout

Yesterday's workout was inspired by Christmas Abbots's January 6, 2015 workout. With a few tweaks. 7 Rounds: 30 seconds work & 30 seconds rest of the following: Burpees Kettlebell Swings (20kg) Hollow Rocks Double Unders Push ups Sit Ups Row (Clearly, my camera was off, so let's throw in some filtering and magic!)   … [Read more...]

Got More From Athletic Alliance!


When I was younger I LOVED getting mail. Not sure why, but I would get home and ask if I got any mail. My dad would always respond, "Nope. Nobody knows you." Ermmm....thanks Dad! So, imagine my delight when I got my newest supplements from Athletic Alliance. I was beyond excited because these were two products I had yet to try. They are: Sandmand GH: for sleep, repairing and rebuilding; and Burner: for energizing, metabolizing and burning. I'm gonna use them and give a proper review in time. In the meantime, visit to check out their amazing products! … [Read more...]

I Feel Change


It has been a busy summer. Which is quite funny because it's not more busy than the rest of my year. I think it's because summer is supposed to feel like a break of some sort. However, I have none of that break. I never do. So, hence the busy summer. I haven't written much this summer, which I don't like. But, I plan to change that in the fall. I do have so much to write about, it's almost funny. My actress dreams. My CrossFit journey this year. My experience as a sponsored athlete with Athletic Alliance. Insights into what I've learned as a Parent Outreach Counsellor this year. My experiences as a Web Designer. My experiences as and the desire to be a coach. My plans to get my PhD. Etc. Etc. Etc. My mind is swimming  It's just getting the time to write. I plan on making time. One … [Read more...]

Parenting – Food for Growth

A Parent's Connection

Just as a child needs food to grow physically, a child needs connection with us to grow emotionally. We would not withdraw food if our child wasn’t developing according to the growth charts. In fact, we would give him more food, in hopes that it would help get him back on track. Likewise, we can’t withdraw attachment when our child is having trouble with his behaviour. When our child is misbehaving, we must look for ways to strengthen the connection, not weaken it. Increase the attachment and our children will flourish. Guaranteed.     … [Read more...]

The CrossFit Regionals are Coming Up…. insert nervous face…

CFFV Centaurs

I have been told that it's 15 days until the 2013 Canada West CrossFit Regionals. Nerve racking to say the least! Looking forward to competing and doing everything I can to prepare, including nursing an injured knee (good news, the doctor has confirmed it was just strained...). I'm excited to compete with all the talented athletes in Canada West. CrossFit is a sport, but also a community and in the year and a bit that I have been involved, I have met so many great and amazing people. Both on my team and on opposing teams. I am praying for safety, awesomeness and fun for all involved. In 15 days! In the meantime, my friend Philippa Robinson is currently competing in the Australia Regional. Last year she competed on a team. This year she's an individual. First day is today! Safety, … [Read more...]

Remembering Our Blessings

There are many things we take for granted as North Americans. As a first generation Canadian, I have SO MUCH to be grateful for, but sometimes it's easy to forget. Like something as simple as owning a Bible. If you own a Bible, where is it right now? How many do you own? More than one? Weird questions, right? But watch this video and be reminded that owning a Bible is not so easy in other parts of the world. This 57 second video just blessed me. … [Read more...]

Do I Like My Athletic Alliance Supplements? Do I? Do I?


Why, yes I do. If you remember my post, you'll know that I was asked to join the Athletic Alliance Beta Team. I have been asked to help promote Athletic Alliance's products as a CrossFit competitor. Last week I was supplied with samples of three of their products:  Prodigy: Multi-Source Sport Protein (in both chocolate and vanilla), Rocket: Pre-Activity Supplement and Regen X: Mid/Post Activity Supplement. All in all, I was given eight samples. Anybody who knows me knows that I don't follow the crowd. If I don't like something, I'll let you know. If I like something, I'll let you know. So, you can trust that this review is legit. Now, here we go. Prodigy: Multi-Source Sport Protein (Chocolate) I tried the chocolate protein before the vanilla and I'm not sure why. Frankly, I've always … [Read more...]

The News Has Arrived…

Athletic Alliance Beta Team!

...well the package has arrived that is the topic of this news. What is this new? Well, I have been chosen by a supplement company to be one of their athletes! More specifically, I have been invited to join the Athletic Alliance Beta Team. This is exciting because I have been chosen to help promote this company's products which includes supplements, containers, apparel and accessories. And I am in the company of many elite athletes including NHL hockey players, professional football players, body builders, Highland Games athletes, other CrossFitters, etc. etc. etc. What a blessing! Check out their website to see what Athletic Alliance is all about, but in a nutshell, it's a company created by elite athletes with elite athletes in mind. Co-founders Richard DeBanks (a nationally ranked … [Read more...]

Great News Coming Soon!

I have some great sports news, but it's a bit premature to reveal it. It will be revealed soon enough, but just know that it's awesome.  In other news, I do apologize for the lateness of this, but I wanted to thank Ace at Eat, Pray Wod and Real Xtreme RX for running an awesome contest. I entered Ace's giveaway to win some Real XtremeRX Shorts and I won! What?!? I never win anything. In my family, usually my sister and youngest brother win things. But recently, things have changed and this giveaway was the second I had won in as many days (the other contest I won was for this WordPress plugin). So, I received the shorts and I must say, I do love them! I am not a shorts person. It has a lot to do with my thighs and butt and my small waist. I love my body, but it's hard to find things … [Read more...]

Here Comes the CrossFit Open 2013!!

CrossFit Games Open 2013

The CrossFit Open starts today. What is the CrossFit Open? Well, it's a five week, worldwide competition where, on the Wednesday at 5pm PST,  CrossFit Headquarters releases one workout per week that anybody in the world can complete. The workouts must be judged by someone or can be filmed, in order to ensure validity. Then the athlete must upload their score to the account they created on, before the following Sunday, where they are measured against everybody in their region and in the world. This is the start of the CrossFit season and is the qualifiers for the Regionals. The top 48 males, 48 females and 30 teams move on to the Regionals. We are the Canada West Region. I am not prone to anxiety. Frankly, I am a quite calm person. In real life. But I am nerrrrrrvous when … [Read more...]